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Breast Imaging

Welcome to the Partners Breast Diagnostic Center !

There is nothing routine about preventing and detecting breast Mammo techcancer. It demands the expertise of radiologists who read and interpret only mammograms…all day, every day.

Whether a grandmother, mother, aunt, wife, sister or friend, our center takes care of all the women you love with the most advanced technology available.

Not all breast centers are the same – here’s what sets us apart:

Studies are interpreted and procedures performed by our highly experienced and dedicated breast radiologist Dr Nancy Wilson. At Partners, Dr Wilson is a specialist focused on detecting breast cancer earlier…when the opportunity for a cure is highest. Dr Wilson's trained eyes mean the difference between early, accurate detection and a breast cancer that goes undiagnosed.

• Certification:
Breast Center of ExcellencePartners Breast Diagnostic Center located in Sarasota, FL has been designated a Breast Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology (ACR).  This is the highest recognition that ACR designates to a breast center. Certification is required in breast MRI, mammography, ultrasound and stereotactic biopsy.

State of the Art technology:
We utilize the Aurora Dedicated Breast MRI system, the only FDA cleared, truly dedicated and truly integrated MRI system designed specifically for 3-D bilateral breast imaging.

• Individualized:
At Partners, we realize that a routine mammogram is often not adequate for every woman.  We perform a detailed history and risk assessment for each person so that those that would benefit from advanced imaging such as breast ultrasound and breast MRI will be identified and informed.

One Outpatient Location for Comprehensive Services
We are the area’s only center proud to offer digital mammography, breast ultrasound, dedicated Aurora breast MRI, minimally invasive breast biopsy (stereotactic-guided, ultrasound-guided, MRI-guided), cyst aspiration, testing for the breast cancer gene (BRCA testing), high risk assessment and necessary follow- up… ALL in one private office-based setting. 

Scheduling Convenience:
We take great pride in promptly scheduling your procedure at a time that works best for you – not us.

• Spa-like,
Spa-like, woman-centered, relaxing atmosphere dedicated exclusively to women’s services.

Passion and Compassion:
Our dedicated breast radiologist, Dr. Nancy Wilson and technologists have one thing in common – an unrelenting passion to detect breast cancer at its earliest treatable stage. Our compassionate staff strives to make your experience pleasant in every possible way. From the minute you walk through our lovely private setting we want YOU to feel special.  Don’t just get a routine mammogram…get a Partners mammogram. Logo

To book your next screening, or for diagnostics, breast MRI and biopsy, please call (941) 757-1044 

We want to be your breast health Partner!

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