Breast Imaging

Partners has been awarded the American College of Radiology (ACR), Breast Imaging Center of Excellence.

This designation is awarded to imaging facilities that provide a full range of screening mammography and diagnostic mammography imaging services including breast biopsies, and have passed the exacting ACR standards for imaging quality.

American College of Radiology Breast Imaging Center of Excellence award to Partners Imaging Centers

Other competing imaging centers that just offer breast screening exams have to advise their patients, in the event an area of concern is discovered, that they will have to find another facility that will perform diagnostic services in order for the area of concern to be diagnostically analyzed. With Partners, you can remain at our center throughout the entire process and be secure in the knowledge that the same breast radiologist will be interpreting the case.

If a finding becomes suspicious and a biopsy is required (to rule out cancer), Partners will also handle the breast biopsy procedure.  During this process, Partners can provide breast ultrasound and DEXA (bone density for osteoporosis) as required / requested by your physician.

Both women’s centers at Partners have a private women’s entrance and the center is restricted to women and physicians only.

Hologic logo

Partners Imaging Center has partnered with Hologic who are specialist vendors for women’s imaging equipment. Partners has selected the Hologic Dimensions 3D Tomo mammography modality for both its Bradenton and Sarasota women’s centers.  Hologic also provide the Computer Aided Design (CAD) servers and the upright stereotactic biopsy device.

Partners has a dedicated website for Breast Imaging Services.  Please click here to view the website