What to expect

On Arrival

Picture of receptionistWhen you arrive at our center, please see the front office staff at the main reception. They will review the type of exam your physician has ordered, obtain any past comparison studies that you may have available, and review your medical history. You will need to fill in some paperwork and then you can make yourself comfortable in our seated waiting areas. If you are visiting with a patient, you may wait in the main reception area or at the sub waiting areas that we have set up just outside most of the scan rooms.

Technologist Greeting

Picture of technologistYou will then be greeted by the technologist that will be performing your scan. He will ask you a number of questions and then direct you to our private changing rooms. For your convenience, we provide lockers to secure any valuables during your test.

Depending on the type of exam, you may be asked to change into a gown to prevent interference of metal fasteners or snaps in your clothing. Please inform us if you are, or may be pregnant and if you have any medical implants such as a pacemakers etc.

Your technologist will bring you to the scanner and position you correctly on the table and make sure you are as comfortable as possible with some pillows. Your scan will then commence. Depending on the nature of the body part being scanned, it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to complete your scan.

After your scan

Once your scan is complete, your technologist will show you back to the changing rooms and give you your locker key so that you can dress again. You are then welcome to leave our center.

Your Report

Your scan will be interpreted into a report (usually same day) by a subspeciality Partners Imaging radiologist. This report will then be sent to your physician. You would meet with your physician to discuss the report findings.