Know Your Rights !

The Doctors Script

When you visit your doctor and he or she recommends you have a radiological scan (MRI, CT, PET, X-Ray, Ultrasound etc), you will generally receive a script or prescription which details what scan type is required. Your doctor will often make a recommendation where you should go for the scan.

Picture of doctor handing a patient a scriptIn some cases, your physician may belong to a medical group or hospital that owns the imaging center to where you are being referred and there is an economic benefit to your physician’s group or hospital to do your scan.  In many cases, the scanner which you are being referred to is less powerful or less advanced and the radiologist interpreting your exam is less experienced in the area of concern.

Please be aware that you are not mandated to go where your doctor recommends on the script. You have the RIGHT TO CHOOSE where to be scanned.

You can take this script (even if you are directed to a hospital or another facility) and bring it to our facility and we will accept it.

Once you have your script, simply call the Partners center that is closest to you and schedule your appointment.

So how do you base your decision on where to go? Please click here to see 9 good reasons why you should elect to have your scan performed at Partners Imaging Centers.


Imaging Center Fees vs Hospital Fees for Imaging

Hand full of DollarsWe have many patients advising us of their experience visiting a hospital for a medical scan.  They pay their deductible or co-pay, provide their insurance details and then the scan commences.   A week later, they are provided a statement from the hospital and then find out that their insurance only paid a fraction of the amount being charged for the scan (usually because of the high cost of the scan).  In addition, they noticed that there was a separate line item charge for the radiologist read.  The resultant out of pocket fees can be substantial and completely unexpected.

When comparing the cost of a scan to an outpatient imaging center such as Partners, the imaging center is always going to be less and the radiologists fee is included.   As an example, we have seen a patient quoted more than 10 times the amount for the same exact scan that Partners performs.   If you are planning to have imaging at a hospital, request a written quote and ensure it covers the radiologist fee and any contrast or added labor.  Then contact Partners for a quote on the same scan.  You will be glad you did !

You can always contact your medical insurance company (non Medicare) and ask them whether they recommend you be scanned at a hospital or Partners Imaging Centers.  You will likely find that they will direct you to Partners as it costs them less in reimbursement fees.